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caught at Tesco

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  • caught at Tesco


    got caught pinching a £2 item from Tesco, bought about £5 worth of other things and for some reason I decided to pinch said £2 item. Walked out and plain clothes guard said do you know why Iíve stopped you I replied erm why have you, to which he said youíve been seen stealing. I said right and he said follow me so went back to a room and he store manager came in. They asked for ID but I had none, asked if I could use a motor insurance certificate (had it on emaisl
    in phone) and they accepted that so had my address. Took my pic and said I was banned for 3 months and that Iíd get a letter. After having a brief read on the forum the general idea is to ignore the letters, am I correct? Police were not involved and the goods were returned.
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    Hi and welcome.
    You've done your homework and know what is going to drop through your letter box and on to the doormat.
    And you know to ignore!
    Tesco refer to a company DWF and you can find their standard letter chain here:http://legalbeagles.info/forums/foru...rs-rlp-and-dwf



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