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Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

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  • Taking Betfred to the Small Claims


    I need to sue Betfred Sportsbook.

    They have told me that I need to take on their Sportsbook company named Petfre but that company is based in Gibraltar.

    Does anyone know if I can sue their UK address? It is here...


    Birchwood Shopping Centre, The Spectrum, 56-58 Benson Rd, Birchwood, Warrington WA3 7PQ, UK

    Otherwise, do I use the EU small claims cross border procedure? Or ask the small claism in Gibraltar to have a hearing without me?


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    Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

    It might help if you explain what the problem is - it might depend who you need to approach
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      Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

      They have been placing the wrong bets because their site does not update the betting slips properly when a customer is navigating their website.


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        Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

        Have a look for Paul Fairhead @BoycottBetfred on Twitter.


        He is great at gambling related stuff and i think he'll know.

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          Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

          Thank you Mystery1.

          Does anyone know about my question regarding taking their UK operation on in the Small Claims Court?


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            Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims



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              Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims



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                Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims



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                  Re: Taking Betfred to the Small Claims

                  You might find soe useful info in this thread:http://legalbeagles.info/forums/show...hlight=betfred

                  The answer to your question is around post 20



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