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Faulty mobility scooter some advice required

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  • Faulty mobility scooter some advice required

    I hope someone can advise me thank you in advance for any replies.
    I bought a mobility scooter in July 2017 the scooter was delivered with a fault and I was unable to use it without help which was not always available. Due to poor health I didn't report the fault for four weeks when I did report it they took the scooter away for a week leaving me without a loan scooter. It turned out the fault was due to the retailer not putting the scooter together properly they delivered a replacement scooter. The replacement one has a different fault which I didn't know about because I could not test it as it was raining. I have called them to be told when someone is in my area they will come and look at it.

    I can use the scooter but I am really worried it will break down and I will be stuck somewhere.I have no idea how long I will have to wait for an engineer to look at it.The scooter was expensive 2.500 and I have had two with faults so now I am concerned about reliability. It will soon be four months since the purchase date and I have not had a scooter that works as it should, they also back dated the warranty on the replacement scooter to the original purchase date. The one saving grace is I deliberately purchased it with my credit card.

    If I was to reject the scooter as not fit for purpose due to reliability does this have to be done within 6 months? also since the first problem was the fault of the retailer can I ask them to make the warranty from the date the second scooter was delivered?
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    Re: Faulty mobility scooter some advice required

    First thing to ascertain is what outcome do you want .. repair/replace/refund?

    you actually have 6 years in which to reject the item , it is just more difficult after 6 months! ;



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