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What are my rights regarding cancellation of FSB Membership?

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  • What are my rights regarding cancellation of FSB Membership?

    A strange situation occurred this year whereby I received a letter from the FSB in April stating that I either had to link my membership to my Partner/Director or convert it to a Full Membership.

    The FSB require an associate member to be linked to a Full member.

    My partner was the full member and decided not to renew her contract with them on 28th December 2015. My renewal as an associate member came up for renewal on 16th January 2016.

    Naturally, they knew this at that point in time but still took payment for an associate membership despite me not meeting the criteria and, in any case, they proved pretty much a waste of time throughout our troubles.

    I have penned this response to their letter dated April. I know it's a long time since they wrote but I would like a full refund as I have technically had no access to any of the 'benefits'.

    "To whom it may concern,

    Member Number: ????????

    I am in receipt of a letter dated 28th April 2016, the contents of which are noted.

    However, as my membership commenced on 16th January 2015 with renewal set at 16th January 2016, I am writing to express concern at the content of your letter and the delay in you notifying me of the issue.

    As you are the administrator of your membership scheme, there was nothing that prevented you from cancelling my membership prior to renewal as at that point you would have been aware that my business partner had not renewed their membership which became due for renewal on 28th December 2015.

    As such, I feel you should not have taken any subscription monies due if there was technically no membership I could have been offered at that point in time other than full membership.

    In your letter, you do not give the option to cancel the membership. Can you point me to any clause in your Code of Conduct or Articles of Association which states that the membership is a rolling contract despite not being linked to a full member?

    I should therefore be grateful if you would refund the subscription taken from my account which was taken without you first checking that I was legible to remain a member. It seems a little underhand to me that you can take this money and then wait 3 months whilst I have no benefit from remaining a member.

    Yours Faithfully"
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