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Legal action received against me and not company

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  • Legal action received against me and not company


    looking for some advice, have just received a court order through against me for something that is connected with the company.
    should this be in the Companies name and if so how do I go about changing it over.

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    Re: Legal action received against me and not company

    Court order could be anything really....so think you will have to give a bit more info - is this a County Court Judgment in default ?

    Are you director of a limited company ? ( and the claim should have been against the company ?)

    Did you receive the original court papers ( personally ) ?

    You will need to contact the court - if it is a CCJ against you personally you will be needing to apply to set it aside, on the grounds that a) you didn't receive the claim and b) you are not the correct party so have a full defence to the case - then the claimant will have to bring it against the right party ( the company ) - first step may be to write to the claimant and ask for their consent to set aside the default judgment ( if that's what it is)

    Is it a claim the company is just going to pay or will the company be defending the claim ?
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