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  • lskytmlp's Avatar
    Today, 06:34:AM
    ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????new balance,??????????????????????????????????????????????????1100??1200???????????????????????????????...
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  • qbglekmh's Avatar
    Today, 06:25:AM
    ?????????under armour ???,??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????under armour...
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  • lueyrtos's Avatar
    Today, 05:19:AM
    ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????under armour?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????under armour ???????????????????????????????????????under armour ??????????????????under...
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  • Kimmi's Avatar
    Today, 05:18:AM
    Hello I have recently been given a lovely brand new mini as a company car. It is on a 3 year lease and is costing the company 190pm. My employer wants me to sign an agreement that says that if I was to leave before the 3 years are up that I would...
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  • nguyenthuyhoaibg's Avatar
    Today, 03:47:AM
    Dịch vụ l*m in quảng cáo tại ngô gia tự long biên 0912615978 Dịch vụ l*m mái tôn , c*a sắt, cổng sắt , h*ng r*o, khung nh* thép, kỹ nghệ Thép , nhôm k*nh, inox , in lăng xê, khung nh* thép, kỹ...
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  • xs2man's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:43:PM
    You most likely need permission from the finance company to sell the car first. You can ask for this when you get the settlement figure. You then need the buyer to either pay all this off and pay you any amount that is left, or pay all their money...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:30:PM
    Or there's a third possibility in that the Ts & Cs weren't there when you signed the agreement but sent to you subsequently when the card (plastic) was issued which would cause them enforcement problems. Or possibly you didn't retain the Ts & Cs...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:20:PM
    The Claimant may have let the claim become stayed while they scurry around trying to source the documents or reconstitute them. Don't count your chickens before they hatch that this is the end of the matter. Answer my questions before you ask...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:07:PM
    Have you received a count claim or been served with a Statutory Demand by them? My firm recently defeated (set aside) a Statutory Demand served by them on our client so I'm aware that they've been recently pursuing debts in the UK using this...
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  • CHc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:56:PM
    Hey Paul, what was the outcome of your situation? Did you sort it out. Because I m having the same issue. Any advise?
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  • bobsfrancis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:24:PM
    Humble apologies Charity and Di, I thought i had answered the questions from Di but i didn't respond to all of them. I will sort this out tonight and get them up asap. Many thanks Bobs @charitynjw @Diana M
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  • ecalid's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:15:PM
    I am assuming I can type my defence into the dialogue box on the moneyclaim website?? - - - Updated - - - Also am I right in thinking that should I recieve no corrospondance from either of the firms then my defence shall be on lack of...
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:08:PM
    Shop D should not ignore your SAR just because you omitted to include the fee. They should write to you to ask for their fee (if they require one.....some firms do not) plus any further details they may need to ID you. As Kati has stated,...
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  • dixie2013's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:52:PM If us victims are to stand any chance of receiving our stolen money back we must start a steering group, am sure between us we can gets...
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:40:PM
    Hi Shortstud, welcome to LB. First & foremost, do not ID the driver, even in forum posts. It would be wise to edit your post to say "the driver was parked...." etc. Secondly, do not ignore PCNs; to do so nowadays is 'old news' & could be...
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  • Nic24's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:35:PM
    Hello, I am trying to come out of a pcp via vt due to awful after care serving and constant issues on the vehicle; I've still got 2 years until I've paid off 50%. I have found the value of my car on webuyanycar website. If I find out if I can...
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  • paulajayne's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:29:PM
    If you plead not guilty then get the other occupant of the vehicle to make a statement, also do not call the Police officer a liar - just that he/she was mistaken.
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:25:PM
    Tbh, I would echo @Diana M's posts (above). To give a considered opinion on tactics going forward we really need a bit more info. What is the claim for (credit card, loan etc), approx how much money is being claimed, what did the Particulars...
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  • bobsfrancis's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:23:PM
    Hi charity, I phoned the court and found out that the DCA solicitors did not respond to the defence i submitted on time and therefore it has been stayed. Should I now ask the DCA solicitors to remove this county court action and discontinue their...
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  • Kati's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:09:PM
    your defence is due 33 days after the issue date on the claim form (SEE HERE to check)
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  • ecalid's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:36:PM
    So I'm typing up my defence as we speak. Just a question, I have letters addressed here to my new current address from Restons but they had put the claim to be sent to my old address and there may be a chance that any further corrospondance...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:02:PM
    Hi and welcomeI regret the answer you don't want is NO. A wrong code won't help you. The fixed penalty ticket is an offer made by the police to allow you to get the matter over and done with in a quick and cost effective way .The ticket is...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:47:PM
    However we have had instances where RLP have written to the parents of juveniles, and justified their action by claiming that the juvenile might have been at risk (being led astray by third parties) and RLP have a duty to advise the parents. They...
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  • Kati's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:21:PM
    9 replies | 138 view(s)
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