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  • obrxaasrig's Avatar
    Today, 01:06:AM
    adidas??,Jia Gang was shocked, really is mine, and if some of the ideas before Xiao Hai can find an excuse that is taught by others, but these theories in the village in addition to their own no one can know, which proves everything Xiao Hai is a...
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  • eysbgyjdjo's Avatar
    Today, 00:49:AM
    OUTLET ???,Xiao Hai listened to the blood boiling, when the man so, Xiao Hai vowed to use all the power to help blue home preservation. Blue Lang, then not only won the good impression of Xiao Hai, mercenary group of seven faith, Jia Gang, and even...
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  • Gevans67's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:42:PM
    Get anything in writing! Told you they can, they just don't want everyone knowing
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  • ostell's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:37:PM
    Have you been to see the manager at Iceland, taking your receipt with you?
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  • Jojo8888's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:28:PM
    Hi, My brother got himself into a mess with a some payday loans He recently got a ccj, I have agreed to pay it off (just over £600) within 30 days, to stop him harming his credit even more hopefully! I have already paid around half off,...
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  • verisimilitude's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:11:PM
    Hi, I VT'd my car with the finance company in March this year. At pickup the inspection company noted a few things but didn't make any statements on whether any excess wear and tear payments would be required. In my email from the finance...
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  • Mrfuj's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:10:PM
    Hi quick update. I returned to the mcdonalds today and spoke to the manager. He told me they have no powers to get the ticket cancelled. I then told him i was told by met you can. (White lie). He then told me to send a picture of the fine and he...
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  • Stacy22's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:42:PM
    Stacy22 started a thread Ppi win in Money & Debt
    Please help Large ppi won Letter sent back t confirm I take the offer asking my bank details Issue lays had a old Iva we're will payment go I The acceptance form you send back in my name with asking details my back I guessing If there...
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  • Darter245's Avatar
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  • Stacy22's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:02:PM
    Stacy22 started a thread Ppi win in Welcome Forum
    Just won a big ppi win , sent of acceptance letter to bank Issue had a Iva finished in 2009 have all legal paper work Who will get the payment I had few years ago won ppi same bank but there te looked claim due to mishandling ppi claims ...
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  • Davidf27's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:48:PM
    In a divorced father of 2 whose ex wife has packed up and moved what rights do I have to know where my children are living ?? All help very much appreciated 👍🏻
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  • formulaone's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:47:PM
    hi iv been battling pip and atos for the past four months now atos gas messed me around so so much i final had my assement last sunday been ringinv pip all week iv had pip before i told them about my changes iv not got dercum fiabramauoligy and...
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  • 1976's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:21:PM
    Thanks for your reply. Any advice re the payment in lieu of notice? My contract contained the clause reserving the right to terminate with no notice and to make a payment in lieu of notice. Notice period is 4 weeks, so should I expect that my...
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  • James Ashworth's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:16:PM
    To cut along story short, neighbour has a very small garden and I have a plot of land next door, they took the garden fence down one weekend and moved it about 5metres into my land trying to pinch a good 100sq metres I took i took it down and they...
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  • Amethyst's Avatar
    Yesterday, 19:11:PM
    Hi James, If he does actually issue a claim then you will be able to defend it. We see quite a few wonky companies and members of the public brining court claims as they are too easy to bring and many people are scared of court, it's purely trying...
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  • Mousey 66's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:49:PM
    Mousey 66 replied to a thread Bw legal/ lowell in Welcome Forum
    Ok the court have sent forms today which are, notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track. It says its a defended claim and a copy is enclosed but I cant see it? It also says the case appears to be suitable for allocation in the small...
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  • Amethyst's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:34:PM
    Hi Andrew, While the thought is appreciated, it may be an idea to give some detail about yourself, and introduce yourself to the Administrators before announcing a potential class action. You are currently unregistered here and put simply you...
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  • Mich-21460's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:25:PM
    I parked in my local Iceland last month and didn't have any change well I didn't have any cash on me and therefore I received a parking ticket which is fine if I had been anywhere else other then Icelands but I had not! I was probably in Icelands...
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