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  • ostell's Avatar
    Today, 07:19:AM
    ostell replied to a thread Smart parking pcn in Welcome Forum
    You have failed to comply with the requirements of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 Schedule 4, namely, but not limited to, paragraph 9 (2) (f), to be able to hold the keeper liable for that actions of the driver at the time.
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 07:17:AM
    charitynjw replied to a thread Smart parking pcn in Welcome Forum
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 07:13:AM
    You'll be fine. Just say to Lidl's that you did some shopping, here's the receipt/proof of payment. That does not ID or implicate the driver.
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  • R0b's Avatar
    Today, 06:33:AM
    R0b replied to a thread Legal fees in General Legal Issues
    Don’t be afraid to ask the solicitors how they have estimated those legal costs. You should explain that the sum of money you are seeking is £2,500 which is likely to end up on the small claims track should it go to trial. So how can they estimate...
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  • tant0's Avatar
    Today, 01:08:AM
    tant0 replied to a thread Smart parking pcn in Welcome Forum
    ostell charitynjw This is the letter I intend to send. is it ok? As the Registered keeper of this car, I am writing to challenge your recent letter dated of XXXXXXXX You have failed to comply with the requirements of POFA on several points in...
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  • momy3's Avatar
    Today, 00:00:AM
    momy3 replied to a thread penalty ticket at LIDL in Welcome Forum
    charitynjw, I have sent the letter to the parking agency, however will I be contradicting myself if I send another letter to the CEO of LIDL and stating contradictory statements there and prove shopping with a receipt? Thought I check with you
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:39:PM
    The one that MIKE770 posted in #13 is fine. Tweak it to suit.
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  • slothy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:33:PM
    Unfortunatly the driver was having breakfast in McD's before signing up for his first universal credit interview which took another hour. the car was moved out of the McD's car park after he had finished.. We will be visiting the manager tomorrow...
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:21:PM
    @Kati Can you start a new thread for slothy, pretty please? @slothy What was the reason for the driver's alleged overstay? If McD's was used, has anyone tried contacting the manager there to intercede?
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  • slothy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:15:PM
    Hi Charity, ill go and get better photos in the morning. Kati, if you are able to move this to its own thread that would be greatly appreciated. many thanks and ill update with photos tomorrow
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  • jonnwhite's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:59:PM
    Not a problem i'll send it a few days later :) Just incase! No bother thanks for looking and let me know what you thing. I nabbed it as a template from a person who had the same outcome i want so i thought it might give me the best chance!
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:58:PM
    Hi slothy, welcome to LB. It is best to start your very own thread.....multiple cases on one thread can lead to confusion. If you'd like our @Kati to do so, I'm sure the nice lady will do so. In the meantime, is there any chance you could get...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:56:PM
    I wouldn't send immediately... give a few days grace. Thanks for PDF. (I'll read later.). I actually use Libre Office normally, but laptop I'm on at moment ain't mine
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  • jonnwhite's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:52:PM
    Should i send the letter before action on the 23rd? I have attached a PDF copy for you :) If you download a program called open office it's free and works just like Word! Work in computer repairs so should keep you going! Thanks Jon
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  • des8's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:49:PM
    7 days to go!! As I haven't got WORD on this computer (mine has crashed irremedially!) I'll ask Kati (please pretty:joyous:) to transfer your attachment to PDF or whatever.
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  • slothy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:48:PM
    I have just noticed that doesnt show on the number plates for you as they have been redacted. The photo on the left is a lot darker than the one on the car and the photo on the right instead of it being a yellow number plate is white. this leads...
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  • Viking1985's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:31:PM
    Yeah, not disputing the point... Direct was always the Viking Way... Let's do a deal. I'll be Bad Cop. Often wrong but always honest. The rest of the Beagles can be Good Cops. Posters; help our learning here. When your problem is...
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  • Ula's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:27:PM
    Are you still being allowed to go into work or have you been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation? Have you been given details of why you are being investigated and if so what is your view of whether you did or did not do what is being...
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:22:PM
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  • jonnwhite's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:10:PM
    I chased up finance company today to chase and after a week it has been passed to another case handler!!! I understand around the facts of the 6 month thing. I have also had the Engine malfunction indication come up, in that video it is there,...
    8 replies | 122 view(s)
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