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  • Kraken's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:59:PM
    Hi, It is my first time here and need some help or advice. Me and my wife had several debt: Wife: joint BOS loan with me , next directory credit online account, BOS credit card Me: joint BOS loan with my wife, BOS overdraft, BOS credit card,...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:20:PM
    I just wonder why so many people say that mediation should not go ahead if the claimant has not provided all the documents asked for. I am not suggesting that anyone should role over and pay up but just bear a few points in mind 1) Mediation...
    4 replies | 53 view(s)
  • ianmantra's Avatar
    Yesterday, 09:42:AM
    Hi, Hoping that someone on this forum can give me some definitive advice for my sister who is in a state of shock. Situation is that she purchased her home 8 years ago, in the selling agents booklet it showed a picture of the property with a red...
    4 replies | 100 view(s)
  • Danny_T's Avatar
    Yesterday, 14:31:PM
    Hello. I'm new to this forum so I hope this is in the correct place. My partner received a letter from Robinson Way Limited stating that it is acting to recover a credit card debt of £500 for Barclaycard. It did not contain any information as to...
    4 replies | 62 view(s)
  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:23:AM
    2 replies | 61 view(s)
  • 365's Avatar
    21st October 2017, 23:39:PM
    365 started a thread Tenant needs help in Welcome Forum
    I have lived in this property for about 8 years. The landlord increased the rent last year and it was almost unaffordable but I forged on with the payment, In the course of the year I had huge financial problems and owed rent, however before the...
    2 replies | 69 view(s)
  • Carlosdecorator's Avatar
    Yesterday, 18:51:PM
    Hello, I saw a van advertised an ebay in Cardiff. I'm in Manchester. It was a Vauxhall Vivaro 2010 at £6000. I spoke to the business seller who has an ebay business account about the van who told me it has had a new clutch and was well...
    2 replies | 47 view(s)
  • roop27's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:36:PM
    Hi Just received a PCN from Euro Car Parks in the wife's name (registered keeper) however she was not the driver at the time. Its still within the 14 days period of discount. Basically the driver entered the car park and dropped passenger off,...
    2 replies | 37 view(s)
  • PaulandPam's Avatar
    Yesterday, 16:57:PM
    We purchased a new-build 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom ground floor apartment from Fairview Homes Ltd on 17th October 2003 with a 99yr lease dating from 24th December 2003. When viewing the property the Site Agent stated that although Fairview Homes were...
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  • plasterer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:00:PM
    plasterer started a thread Hello to All in Welcome Forum
    Hello And thanks for having me , Member of many forums admin on some , (not all as legal as this ) lol mostly sky and cable forums . Anyways after helping many , now looking for some advice and help myself Thanks again...
    1 replies | 29 view(s)
  • Jakeburns7's Avatar
    Yesterday, 12:37:PM
    Hey all, I have recently emailed gmac with the template letter on the forum asking for my contract to VT 01/11/17. This allows enough time for my final payment to come out and ill be at the halfway point. Gmac came back and said that they...
    1 replies | 41 view(s)
  • justback83's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:10:PM
    Hello all - hoping for some help! My partner has been on sick leave for almost 2 years. He has had 2 surgeries - one on his lower back and one on his shoulder. These surgeries were around 5 months apart. Since then he has attended physiotherapy....
    0 replies | 55 view(s)
  • cards down's Avatar
    Yesterday, 11:40:AM
    Hello All I'm not sure if the company named above has been brought to peoples attention yet but they seem to be gathering a bit of a bad reputation. I have only found out about this because of a recent transaction i have had with them. The...
    0 replies | 40 view(s)
  • bmw2602's Avatar
    Yesterday, 17:21:PM
    Hi all, hope you can help with this situation, don't know how to proceed next, a credit card debt from capital one/ cabot for £1795, restons solicitors took me to court and i put in a cca request and sometime later they came up with the original...
    0 replies | 38 view(s)
  • viczs72's Avatar
    Yesterday, 15:23:PM
    I received a county court claim from moriarty law on the 9th of August.i have followed your advice regarding defending claim. I also sent a cca request and a cor request to mmf and moriarty on the 8th if septemver 2017. I received an acknowledgement...
    0 replies | 35 view(s)
  • fixit44's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:49:PM
    I know this problem has probably being covered previously but I am new to the forum and would like a little help here please. I took out a 4 year PCP finance with VWFS on a brand new Audi with a mileage agreement of 12000 miles per annum and not...
    0 replies | 29 view(s)
  • New6466's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:40:PM
    Hi guys received a court letter on the 18/10/17 and need some help what to do next I have done the AOS and what i know The account start date is 21/10/2011 and default date on the 01/03/2012 could this possibly be statute barred as Iíve never...
    0 replies | 26 view(s)
  • plasterer's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:25:PM
    Hi all ,first post looking for help and advise in this matter Mum passed away november gone , And dwp heve been in touch since , Looking into overpayment of pension credit . Mum was 87 when she passed . As far as we can work out she was...
    0 replies | 24 view(s)
  • New6466's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:35:PM
    Hi all hope youíre well. recieved a county court letter dated 18/10/2017 have sent AOS need help on what to do next The account start date is 21/10/2011 and default date on the 01/03/2012 could this possibly be statute barred as Iíve never...
    0 replies | 23 view(s)
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