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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 21:46:PM
    Dlc are part of hilsden securities who were bought by cabot a while back. I also know that when cabot bought them, at least some of the portfolio went to ME111.
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 21:42:PM
    They are not penalties or fines, of course. Merely invoices for a perceived civil debt due to an alleged breach of terms. In the first instance, go through the parking co's complaints/appeals registered keeper. (Do not ID the...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 21:41:PM
    Hi again. To be honest it is hard to read anything in to the way Restons act, if I tried it I would go slightly mad, OK madder:frusty: Did you ever get legal advice, I know you said Diana M had been helpful I wouldn't want to confuse the issue
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  • gfvbgf's Avatar
    Today, 21:33:PM
    Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Chargers Live Streaming
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  • R0b's Avatar
    Today, 21:08:PM
    Yes Des you are right, I've clearly misread the post thinking it was the venue who put it there as opposed to the OP. So the question is whether the OP had been offered to have their coat put in the cloak room or whether he/she decided off their own...
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  • Usiaw's Avatar
    Today, 21:02:PM
    Thank you. With the notice not being compliant, would the most appropriate next step be to follow the appeals process outlined in other threads or is there a different approach? I know with some penalties/fines questioned on here, advice can...
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  • Amethyst's Avatar
    Today, 21:01:PM
    Tagging Diana M; on the ME III link ME III aren't authorised and don't appear in trading names of Cabot 677910 or 743525 or 743357 ( possibly some others but can't see ME III anywhereother than on CCM's (cabot credit management) website...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Today, 21:00:PM
    Surely the duty of care only applies if there is ,in this case, a gratuitous bailment, i.e. the coat would have to be delivered to and accepted by an employee of the venue. If the venue cloakroom facilities are solely a room with hangars and no...
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  • R0b's Avatar
    Today, 20:43:PM
    Did you make a complaint on the spot or wait until a later date? Obviously the first port oyour cof call is to complain in writing and request compensation for it but as Des has said, if you didn't pay for the service then there is no contractual...
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  • Ruby's Avatar
    Today, 20:41:PM
    Do you think its worth mentioning PRA v Diana Mayhew in my response to Nolans? ie no NOA for either accounts
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  • des8's Avatar
    Today, 20:34:PM
    When a person dies it would be normal procedure for the next of kin to advise DWP to cease paying benefits and pension. When probate is granted the document becomes available publicly to who ever applies. The grant states the value of the estate...
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  • OwlsMad's Avatar
    Today, 20:20:PM
    i think it is the debt recovery arm of their business. The original Claimant was Black Horse however the claimant that this pertains to is MEIII (Cabot)
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  • AFC's Avatar
    Today, 20:06:PM
    So I'm guessing I just sit and wait for them to reply? I have decided to part company with my DMC and manage my affairs myself - hindsight is wonderful, but I wish I'd had this knowledge 8 years ago. Thank you for your invaluable advice.
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  • SmurfEater's Avatar
    Today, 20:04:PM
    So is there any need to post in Gazette if Executor is a beneficiary too? Plus if you follow the 'Tell us Once' procedure wouldn't this inform the DWP even before probate is granted? I'm asking this as my Mother passed away nearly 6 months ago and...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Today, 19:50:PM
    I was hoping you'd ask that question :) In my case (and other cases which we've won) PRA were unable to prove the assignment from MBNA to Varde so the claim(s) failed. Di
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  • des8's Avatar
    Today, 19:48:PM
    Leaving items in a free cloakroom service leaves you with no contractual rights, and if it is unmanned you do so at your own risk. However you may be able to claim against the party who invited you if their hire contract for the venue included...
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  • GemmaLouise's Avatar
    Today, 19:35:PM
    Hi All, I'm currently working for a company through an agency. I have been with them (working for the same company) for just over two years. The company I work for use two other agencies to recruit staff as well as having people on contracts on...
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  • AFC's Avatar
    Today, 19:31:PM
    Today I received a response from PRA stating that they would put my account on hold until they have investigated my query, and have returned my £1 postal order as a gesture of goodwill??? I have noticed that the original client is marked as...
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  • Unregistered's Avatar
    Today, 19:23:PM
    Unregistered started a thread Coat lost in unmanned cloakroom in Welcome Forum
    I left my coat in an unmanned cloakroom, at a conference where there was a security person and CCTV (not necessarily in the cloakroom). I was a guest speaker, so presumably not expected to keep my coat on all the event. On returning, at the end of...
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  • Debt Camel's Avatar
    Today, 19:11:PM
    A bank has the right to withdraw your overdraft without giving notice. You would have been told about the changes to charges a couple of months ago but many people were taken by surprise when they saw what the effect would be. I suggest you need...
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