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  • hczobhqx's Avatar
    Today, 01:35:AM ???????under armour,???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? under armour...
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  • Severn's Avatar
    Today, 00:56:AM
    Severn started a thread Hi - 3rd post in Welcome Forum
    Hi - my 3rd post before posting my question....
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  • littlewren's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:15:PM
    littlewren replied to a thread Union in Employment Law & Issues
    Thank you Jag. Yes I thought so, the politics. Yes I have now got another contact from Head Office. The regional office will have the matter taken from them once I send the email and no I havent and wont mention my thoughts of corruption ever (they...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:51:PM
    Next time or maybe this time if you're not too late (since allowance may be given for you to make an out of time appeal in order for you to get the vital transcript of the hearing/judgment etc) you need to seek advice from a solicitor who doesn't...
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  • seduraed's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:50:PM
    This is a UK based forum so I'm not sure whether we can help. However a selling price of three years turnover seems reasonable.
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:24:PM
    charitynjw replied to a thread MET Parking PCN in Welcome Forum
    So the Notice to Keeper was sent out to the registered keeper on the same day that the parking incident occurred?
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  • Hfbee's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:58:PM
    Hfbee replied to a thread MET Parking PCN in Welcome Forum
    Hi, the date was 18/07/2017. I'm not very good at posting documents, I have sent them to Kati and hope she will post them for me. I'm very grateful for any assistance. Hfbee
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  • birchy's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:54:PM
    Was just thinking...the CO was sent to an address my OH hasn't lived at for over 5 years. If her ex wasn't still living there, she wouldn't even know the letters and CO existed. What would the outcome of been if she was blissfully unaware?
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  • slainte caragh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:41:PM
    slainte caragh replied to a thread Hello in Welcome Forum
    Welcome to the family :)
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  • StouferCat's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:07:PM
    Thank you for your response. It's all a balancing act for me at the moment - deciding what to say and when and.... However, thanks for clarifying the issue with the recruitment agency.
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  • sergchaikov9's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:03:PM
    Hello Guys, I am the Owner of an E-commerce Store. My website generates around $200,000 NET per Year. I was thinking about selling this business, I have found a M&A Firm specialized with E-Commerce businesses), they evaluated my site around...
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  • Onestepatatime's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:02:PM
    The best way to deal with this is to embarrass the receptionist next time you go in. Ask her quite loudly how she's getting on with her sexual disease as you'd heard from another receptionist. If she complains then tell her you agree it's not very...
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  • Peridot's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:59:PM
    You are right it may not be necessary Des8. I am maybe jumping the gun but it is important all debts are located and dealt with appropriately. This may assist modder There are...
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  • R0b's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:56:PM
    I've also uploaded the two cases referred to it. Have a read of them to get yourself familiar. The Kinahan case is short and brief but in the Keighley case there are plenty of quotes you can use for example: Lord Macnaghten says As a...
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  • R0b's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:49:PM
    Hi Jimbo, see below an example of what you might say, its a bit rough but should serve as a starting point. Perhaps some input from @mystery1 since he is more knowledgeable in this than me - a word version is uploaded at the end. You will of course...
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  • Bigmac799's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:45:PM
    My phone conversation with solicitor was after I contacted him having found his blog on internet about my issues. He is a leading expert in field.
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:37:PM
    Good for you. I too am on a CD but order them online and they are delivered to my pharmacy which is downstairs. If I wanted I could drill a hole in the floor and pop in.
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:31:PM
    Hi Bigmac799 I absolutely sympathise with you. I have considerable debt including a multitude of pdls although I am hopeful they have all been dealt with. It is really difficult to advise without knowing details. Let's work on priorities I...
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:25:PM
    I'll re-read your post again tomorrow to take on board the legal issues especially since 'the bar is lower' at a Summary Judgment hearing than at a full Trial. As I posted earlier on your thread your mission was to persuade the court that you...
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  • slainte caragh's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:23:PM
    She did look in to the ask the chemist bit, but cos she's on a controlled substance, no can do :( HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! After a nice little chat with Head Lady, where I explained that you cannot tell a person with mental health issues it is in their...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:22:PM
    A question for @Peridot This would appear to be a small estate for which probate is not required. As a caveat only prevents the grant of probate, in this case would it prevent the estate being settled by the son? He could easily have settled the...
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  • Mrmonty3005's Avatar
    Yesterday, 20:19:PM
    Mrmonty3005 started a thread Hello in Welcome Forum
    Hello everyone, I discovered this forum through a popular search engine and after reading a few posts, thought what a great group of people sharing info and help so I wanted to join. Thank you for the warm welcome so far.
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