Consumers at risk of disadvantage

People often purchase legal services at times of stress.

Therefore, no matter how experienced a consumer may be, their individual characteristics can make them vulnerable. A range of individual factors, including physical and mental ability, language skills, financial constraints, or other personal situations, can directly contribute to a consumer being at risk of disadvantage. Added to that, the particular features of the legal services market, such as barriers to access and difficulty judging quality, can put people at risk.

If regulators, and consequently legal service providers, cannot understand and respond appropriately, then people may not access the legal services they need.

The Panel therefore developed a guide which regulators can use to address vulnerability. The guide is based on the British Standard BS18477 on Inclusive Service Provision, which we have translated into a legal services setting. It forms a companion piece to the Panel’s toolkit on the Consumer Principles, particularly expanding on the principles of access and fairness, and can be found below.

Historically, the Panel has also worked to address a lack of data on how different circumstances can affect access to legal services. We teamed up with different organisations to explore the experiences of consumers.

The first study focused on consumers with hearing loss and the Consumer Panel partnered with Action on Hearing Loss (formerly RNID) and the Solicitors Regulation Authority. In October 2011, the Deaf Studies Trust was commissioned to undertake the research and the report, Legal Choices – Silent Process, can be found below.

In autumn 2012 the Panel carried out a review of the processes followed by asylum seekers in the UK and identified a need for further research. The research raised concerns in two areas: access to legal advice and quality of legal advice. The Panel advised the approved regulators to carry out further research in these areas to gather comprehensive and up-to-date information, and identify how problems or gaps found might best be tackled.

In July 2013 we worked in collaboration with the Legal Services Board and Mencap, to publish research into the needs of legal services consumers with learning disabilities. This was carried out by the Norah Fry Research Centre (part of the University of Bristol). The study found that a lack of experience in dealing with people with learning disabilities means lawyers may struggle to provide this vulnerable client group with the specialist support they need. We produced a full report, an Easy Read version and a short film which explains the main findings.

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Internet trolls to face 2 years in prison – Press releases – GOV.UK

Internet trolls who target people with abusive or offensive material online will face up to two years in prison and the police will have more time to investigate cases as part of the government’s commitment to protecting victims of crime.The government is changing the law to increase the maximum sentence for the offence of sending certain items with the intent to cause distress or anxiety. This will mean more serious offences can be dealt with in the Crown Court and there will not be a time limit for police and Crown Prosecution Service to bring a prosecution.Alongside this, the government is also changing the law to allow up to 3 years, as opposed to 6 months as previously, to bring prosecutions against people for using the internet, social media or mobile phones to send menacing messages.Justice Minister Chris Grayling said: The sending of abusive messages or material online can cause absolute misery for victims and we need to make sure that people who commit these awful crimes are properly punished. We already have offences in place to deal with this appalling behaviour, but we’ve toughened up the law to make sure these crimes can be properly investigated and those who commit the most serious offences face a longer prison sentence.Changes to the law will be made through the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, currently going through Parliament. This comes on top of a raft of government measures to support victims. Next year, victims’ rights to tell the court how their crime has affected them will be set out in statute; a new nationwide Victims’ Information Service will be set up to ensure better information and support; and millions of pounds will be invested in improving the court experience.Crucially, we will also develop plans to require advocates to undergo specialist training before taking part in sexual abuse or rape trials, which will make going to court easier and less distressing for victims. All vulnerable victims and witnesses will also be given greater opportunity to give evidence away from the court building, and we will work towards rolling out pre-trial cross examination for child victims nationally, subject to the evaluation of on-going pilots.The government also provides £4.4 million annually to fund rape support centres and has met its commitment to open 15 new support facilities across the country since 2010.

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BBC News – Pensions regulator warns against ‘cold call’ scams

Changes in the rules surrounding pensions could lead to more people being persuaded to transfer their savings to risky investment schemes, some of which may be fraudulent.

The Pensions Advisory Service has started a campaign to crack down on scams, which are thought to cost half a billion pounds per year.

Graham Satchell reports.

Listeners in the UK can find out more on this story on You & Yours on BBC Radio 4 at 12:15 BST on Monday 20 October, and then on BBC iPlayer.

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Mule Bank Accounts used in Scams

These banks accounts have been verified as being used as mule accounts in ebay / gumtree / autotrader vehicle scams.

To search this list use the find on page function on your computer/tablet/phone.

( Since October 2013 – updated 20 Oct 2014 )


Bank Name Beneficiary/Account Name Sort Code Account Number
Barclays Geoffery Dumitrescu 20-29-41 93464067
Barclays F. BOHANCU 20-37-21 03222187
Barclays P Vidnu 20-44-91 53258343
Barclays A Kenny 20-20-20 63940470
Barclays Jurgi Goldberg 20-27-49 23378837
Barclays I Bunea 20-29-41 13831965
Barclays E Tractor 20-29-41 63275949
Barclays T Nowak 20-29-41 63463990
Barclays David Roberts Transport Ltd 20-29-41 70505544
Barclays Gumtree UK LTD/Geoffery Dumitrescu 20-29-41 93464067
Barclays Ionut Pintilie 20-29-77 20068004
Barclays V Karabusi 20-29-77 33064271
Barclays A M Parc 20-29-77 43103226
Barclays Jakum Bakun 20-29-77 53159043
Barclays R Hustiuc 20-29-77 63902390
Barclays eBay U.K 20-29-77 63957519
Barclays D Dragoi 20-35-93 73303136
Barclays L R Falcao 20-36-16 93699862
Barclays P Lorient 20-41-41 23503038
Barclays I Feduc 20-41-41 53943542
Barclays P Vidnu 20-44-91 53258343
Barclays Dennis Sears
Barclays John Higgins 20-44-91 63383172
Barclays ? 20-52-74 23901394
Barclays Samira B 20-53-04 13532518
Barclays A Ciule 20-53-04 53761282
Barclays I Dolanescu 20-53-04 73729095
Barclays Christine Burnea 20-53-33 23334678
Barclays The Logistics Corporation 20-53-33 93115429
Barclays Marek Bielawa 20-63-28 00391514
Barclays Central E.B. 20-69-15 03275671
Barclays S Lascal 20-71-64 93276775
Barclays Ionut Merticaru 20-71-75 43203298
Barclays Michael Trana 20-73-53 83916928
Barclays S Andronache 20-74-63 63614565
Barclays Kevin Brown 20-89-15 13370690
Barclays Jacek Bucholc 20-89-15 40094420
Barclays Watson 20-89-15 73792684
Barclays Paul Vatman 20-89-16 53691632
Barclays Martin Frone 20-91-79 53756807
Barclays E Solcanu 20-91-79 63357554
Barclays C Barbalata 20-91-79 96333438
Barclays Mihai D Toma 20-92-60 40281158
Barclays ebay motors 20-92-60 5379345??
Barclays Paul Maddente 20-92-63 03986543
Barclays M Tomescu 20-92-63 13549216
Barclays Ian Pascu 20-92-63 63100316
Barclays Edward Costea 20-92-63 63209679
Barclays Andrew Booth 20-92-63 93839842
Barclays F Marandiuc 20-95-61 43351939
Barclays Cristian Brian 20-95-61 7316859??
Barclays Carla Chiosila 20-95-61 73420760
Barclays Brian C 20-95-61 73816850
Barclays Steven T. Dobre – Peter Dobre 20-96-55 33752747
Barclays A Pavarini 20-98-21 13323617
Barclays Pawel Robert Pastusiak 20-98-21 33973557
Barclays Katarina Busilas 20-27-91 50993034
Barclays A Luchian 20-37-21 53948269
Barclays A P Fiorentini 20-52-74 43030687
Barclays I Zoltan 20-92-63 13627004
Barclays A F Cremonesi 20-53-04 20227102
Barclays A T 20-91-79 53290492
Barclays Mr. I. Voicila 20-76-90 63476804
Barclays TRADE LTD 20-27-49 43324621
Barclays LIVIU SCUTELNICU – AIRBNB 20-79-29 00254622
Barclays A.Chastain 20-65-18 23379892
Barclays MS UK (GW Account) 20-53-04 80063959
Barclays Artur Schulz 20-93-15 13949265
Barclays NAHARRO JOSE MIGUEL 20-92-60 60352012
Barclays ROLAND SCHOTT 20-44-22 70557846
Barclays Roman Andrei 20-29-41 63614816
Barclays Jacek Holasek 20-44-91 40517496
Barclays Nicolas Erbland 20-78-42 33321061
Barclays Tomasz Trusek 20-44-91 53852202
Barclays Mihaela-Adriana Radu 20-79-29 90684902
Barclays Mark Seipolt 20-92-60 23568571
Barclays Marcin Bakowski 20-44-91 23036332
Barclays Szymon Barthlomiej Cudzich 20-76-90 53476723
Barclays Mandy Cristea 20-91-79 13459195
Barclays CDS-ExpressAccount 20-92-60 43763749
Barclays CDS-Express 20-93-15 33651487
Barclays V. Hornick 20-49-86 40160539
Barclays C. Crista 20-49-29 13097056
Barclays IMPERIAL LTD 20-36-16 63426874
Barclays Mauricio puga Guerra 20-90-74 13859762
Barclays FESIO DARIUSZ 20-44-91 70472042
Barclays Jeoffroi Gousse 20-80-57 30007927
Barclays Lavinia Juganaru 20-69-15 20050636
Barclays M. Tesar 20-05-57 53871649
Barclays 20-90-74 93383865
Barclays O. Pantila 20-36-98 53494594
Barclays A. Noja 20-73-53 53873919
Barclays Mr. Sam Adams 20-47-34 90656704
Barclays Emeline Rousseau 20-29-63 73570142
Barclays C.Adoc 20-95-61 20882070
Barclays M T Rac 20-29-63 23472191
Barclays EB. VPP 20-49-86 43862453
Barclays GSC Logistic 20-27-49 70820814
Barclays Andreas Bustos 20-20-37 10598232
Barclays Abriana Robastro 20-62-69 00756733
Barclays BIOVAULT LTD 20-02-06 63692949
Barclays Favian Ghizari 20-36-16 13447731
Barclays Manuel W. 20-46-76 93488519
Barclays Andrea C 20-69-15 00364304
Barclays D M HOFFMANN 20-41-41 73155226
Barclays F DRAGANU 20-95-61 30493074
Barclays M. ED. GEOICSORT 20-47-34 33247090
Barclays David Santiago 20-05-74 70778214
Barclays Martin Caros 20-95-61 90578061
Barclays Manuel K. 20-29-90 83920607
Barclays Mr S. Vasiliauskas 20-34-60 83630072
Barclays Express Delivery Systems 20-72-91 13925994
Barclays Adela-Constant Podarascu 20-93-15 83502341
Barclays R DOROICAN LTD 20-71-82 73702863
Barclays A CERNEL 20-29-41 70642479
Barclays A BOGOS LTD 20-69-15 50611646
Barclays PAYMEIER 20-52-74 53747204
Barclays PAYJUNG 20-89-15 33354237
Barclays KINGDOM TRUCKS LTD 20-47-34 40873128
Barclays Mr Carlos Burada 20-96-55 73135969
Barclays Louiza Maria Sanchez 20-44-91 80077682
Barclays Ace UK Holdco Limited 20-67-88  33225062
Barclays Mr Jacek Piotr Czernik 20-29-81 63124908
Barclays Ace UK Holdco LTD 20-89-15 30638293
Barclays Lucian AndreolI 20-44-91 83502082
Barclays Patrick Frueh 20-47-34 40873128
Barclays Bikash Gurung 20-18-93 33747506
Barclays 20-20-37 50935336
Barclays 20-05-57 03119610
Barclays 20-53-04 33962539
Barclays C I Florea 20-29-41 33593827
Barclays PAYTIMOFTE 20-27-49 83338010
Halifax Mihai Bratosin 11-03-25 10723964
Halifax Tiago CARNEIRO 11-00-67 11295469
Halifax Gerhard Koertig 11-08-10 10763665
Halifax C Crista 11-02-69 11455861
Halifax G. Delmara 11-03-85 10899860
Halifax Mrs J Fisher 11-07-02 11104761
Halifax Giovanni Turone 11-08-67 11175366
Lloyds Nahuel Lepera 30-63-97 21489260
Lloyds Kishan Shrestha 30-90-76 24124860
Lloyds David Santiago 30-90-66 60058768
Metro M C Mihalcia  23-05-80 13619719
Metro Iulian Felea 23-05-80 13424535
Metro Ioan C Pajistean 23-05-80 13583153
Metro D I Grigore 23-05-80 13424209
Metro OKWUC T 23-05-80 11474934
Metro Bank Constantin Iftichi 23-05-80 12779607
Nationwide Caldararu Constantin 07-02-46 48564065
Nationwide A M Armero 07-02-46 45538292
Natwest Benedita Souto 50-30-25 26176963
Natwest FLP (GW UK Account) 60-10-10 85980854
Natwest C Radu 60-04-24 10252347
Natwest MISS PAOLA DINELA 60-07-32 47350539
Natwest A MEGHES LTD 60-18-20 18110126
Natwest Adam Astolos 56-00-27 26650231
Natwest C MUZA LTD 60-40-02 31963560
RBS Mr Aslan Dalakov 16-22-24 10596345
Santander P M VASII 09-01-28 56488068
TSB Andrezej cybula 77-22-01 79732260
TSB Konrad Rozniakowski 77-70-60 00367260
TSB Karl RIEDL 77-69-20 00613860
TSB Norbert Cotuand 30-84-72 26466760
TSB PAD PAY IE63IPBS99062623541517
TSB Victor Gudino 77-72-41 00365068
TSB Leonardo Ventura Pedro 77-71-49 14877668
TSB Tadeusz Matusiak 30-98-70 26765368
TSB K Matan 30-98-70 27937360
TSB 30-98-70 27925660
TSB PAYSILAGHI 30-98-70 28496568
TSB Artur Kuchta 30-98-70 28897060
TSB Tomasz Markiewicz 30-98-70 28952268
TSB PAYHUBER 77-72-34 00287060
TSB P.Scutto 30-93-50 29731768
TSB Maria Abate 30-99-64 26345168
TSB Rafaele Mannino 77-91-50 23524960
TSB Katarina Busilas 30-92-86 48636968
TSB Amreen HAROON 30-97-73 12590260
TSB Vinzenz Kaizer 30-93-88 19860068
TSB A Klauss 77-91-69 08682468
TSB David Santiago 30-90-66 60058768
TSB Carina Fabiola Pazzano 77-91-64 13208062
TSB Dominik Heimbuch 30-12-95 23859968
TSB Mark l Timken 30-90-59 21282468
TSB Mattare Angella Camelia 77-69-38 00384760
TSB Kishan Shrestha 30-90-76 24124860
TSB C. Crista 30-84-76 61053168
TSB Caldararu Constantin 77-72-62 00296768
TSB Dominik Heimbuch 30-12-95 23859968
TSB Carina Fabiola Pazzano 77-49-17 19489060
TSB Leopold Timken 30-90-59 21282468
TSB Alberto Lissandron 77-72-41 00258268
TSB Tadeusz Matusiak 30-98-70 26765368
Anja Olekas 20-12-80 83381595


Comparison Sites Under Fire Over ‘Kickbacks’

Price comparison websites have been accused of hiding the best energy deals from consumers.

Instead, tariffs are promoted from providers who are paying the sites up to £60 commission when a user switches, according to consumer group The Big Deal.

It claimed CompareTheMarket, uSwitch,, GoCompare and MoneySuperMarket use search options that filter out the best non-commission offers.

The Big Deal, which uses an alternative of collective bargaining to negotiate with providers, said some websites have option boxes such as switch “now” or “today”, showing only providers that pay commission.

The group’s Will Hodson told Sky News: “We’re calling on the competition authorities to crackdown on this kickback culture.”

“The claim that they are consumer champions has to be challenged – these guys put commission first and consumers second.”

It said better switching offers are available that can save consumers up to £200 a year.

The websites said their services were transparent, operating within existing guidelines and saving consumers money.

Uswitch’s Ann Robinson told Sky: “The people who use our site save an average £200, and 10% of our users save over £300.”

MoneySuperMarket said filter results were “not a loophole” and CompareTheMarket added that “suppliers sometimes stipulate which tariffs they wish to sell on price comparison websites”. added that it was “committed to transparency in everything we do”.

The energy watchdog Ofgem said it was considering a regulation overhaul of the sector.

In January, the boss of Co-operative Energy told Sky News comparision websites were misleading customers and pushing up energy bills.

Profits for the so-called big five comparison sites have climbed 400% since 2005, reaching a combined total of £170m last year.

The Big Deal said it has written to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) over the hidden cost claims of the comparison firms.

The CMA is currently investigating the energy market over concerns of tariff and previously said the big energy providers could be split up, separating retail arms from their supply divisions.

The big six providers currently supply around 92% of all consumers – down from 99% five years ago – according to recent estimates.

Energy costs for consumers have more than doubled in the last decade, despite falling inflation and a squeeze on wages since the financial crash.

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